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My practice investigates interiority and the photographic gaze through the still and moving image. It considers how identity might be represented in relation to the notion of the Gothic, where 'haunted spaces' are affected by a past that disrupts the present. Images of the female protagonist, skin, dust, abandoned rooms and remote places, establish fictitious documentaries. Grouping of images suggest a sense of disturbed enchantment where flashlight illuminates darkness, and darkened rooms promise security.

I'm currently working on my PhD 'Stargazing at the "Invisible": Photography and the Power of Obscured Light - Colloborations between the commercial sector (Kielder Observatory) and photographic practice.' My research is about the cultural connectedness of astronomy and photography and their shared fascination with darkness, I’m investigating this to give visual form to the gender disparities in science. In partnership with Kielder Observatory (Northumberland), I will use contemporary photographic practice to engage ‘stargazing’ audiences with unconventional imaginative experiences.

I also teach photography at the University of Sunderland (Northern Centre of Photography) and I was previously Director of Nightlight Darkroom, a community darkroom space in Salford (UK) from 2015 - Spring 2018.