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Kielder (practice-led PhD work-in-progress)
University of Sunderland, in partnership with Kielder Observatory, Northumberland
2017 - present

PhD title: Stargazing at the “Invisible”: Photography and the Power of Obscured Light – Collaborations
between the commercial sector (Kielder Observatory) and photographic practice.

My work is exploring the cultural connectedness of astronomy and photography through an alternative experience of cosmic darkness at Kielder Observatory, located in Kielder Forest, in the world’s third largest protected Dark Sky reserve. Informed by contemporary 'feminist science' theory, I am attempting to use photography to not merely illustrate, but rather engage with the “[…] technological, biological, cultural, social and political flows of data that produce photographic objects”, as described by Zylinska (2016, p. 11); who produces these amazing images of space (and with what technology?) and how (as a female artist) might I reconfigure these findings through photographic practice?

Kuc, K. (ed.) and Zylinska, J. (ed.) (2016) Photomediations: A Reader. Open Humanities Press.
Available at: http://openhumanitiespress.org/ (Accessed: 28 December 2018).