Helen McGhie

Photographic Artist | Researcher 

KIELDER, 2017 - 2022 

This PhD research project aims to discover new photographic encounters with dark skies in Northern England - it   combines photographs, film and sound made at Kielder Observatory, the surrounding forest and photography studio. Informed by a series of conversations with observatory staff, volunteers and visitors, the work considers the personal experience of stargazing as an exciting and immersive practice, that evokes a range of different emotions - from feelings of fascination and wonder, to fear.

Sites and contexts are key to this project - the work has been shared in a series of different exhibition outputs to create 'accidental encounters' with photographic art for new audiences. Installations have included a surprise sound trail of 'sonified photographs' under dark skies, outdoor banner photography displays and a virtual exhibition embedded within Kielder Observatory's website.

'Kielder' has been funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (NPIF) 

Learn more about previous displays of work:  

- Another Dimension, Kielder Forest banner exhibition (2022) 
- Another Dimension, virtual exhibition (2021) 
- SelfScapes, Dalby Forest outdoor exhibition (2021) 
- Observe, Experiment, Archive, Sunderland Museum & winter gardens (2019-20)

This work includes a series of sonified photographs, which ideally should be listened to in a dark environment:     


Helen McGhie ยท Observatory

Installation of the sonified photograph work in situ at Kielder Observatory, February 2022: